Long Term Tailwinds – Taking Advantage of Local Opportunities.

We are currently witnessing an unusual situation in Australian Equities markets. Markets are strong, at the end of
March, the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index hit a new record high. Yet, this is occurring against a continued wave
of negative investor sentiment.

We are long-term investors at Contact Asset Management, and we see the importance of staying the course. Our
investment process is vigorous and detailed, and has been honed for generations. Our stock selection is driven from
the Bottom-Up, however we believe that it is always important to have an eye on the macro and what is diving the
direction of the economy.

We remain bullish on Australian Equities for the long-term. Our market is resilient and we have several structural
tailwinds in Australia that are often underappreciated. We’ve discussed these tailwinds before but are now even
more optimistic that these themes will reward the long-term investor.

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